Home is Where the Heart Is

Session 3

Party: 10, Kobolds 0.5

Kobolds race through the night. Indra's family farm, along with her sister (and Gwen's cousin), lay directly in their path.

Time for a badass montage at the town armory.

Lots of stuff to pick from

Imagine "Take it to the Limit" playing in the background

Syn, Sheol, Gwen and Indra grabbed every relevant weapon and piece of armor they could before leaping onto horses and charging out of town. And not a moment to soon. They spied Kobolds slinking across the fields as they arrived.

Syn lead the charge, leaping off his horse and letting loose a Thunderwave, Kobolds bursting away from him like thrown rocks (and sadly killing his horse in the process). Indra and Sheol attempted to goad their horses into trampling the Kobolds, while Gwen brought down the wrath of the gods in the form of a fire bolt.

It was going well until an avenging Kobold stabbed Syn and dropped him to the ground, dying if not dead. Sheol, calling upon the powers of her patron, summoned the "Arms of Hadar". Shadowy arms burst out of the ground to strangle the remaining Kobolds. Gwen rushed over to stabilize Syn and bring him back to consciousness.

If you play D&D without a cleric, you're gonna have a bad time

Truer words were never spoken

Gani, Indra's sister, ran out to thank them, and to offer them a place to sleep and a hot meal. Syn, being Syn, hit on Gani. Indra threatened Syn with a dagger. A fun time was had by all. During the meal Sheol (between trying to trick Gani out of an iron pot) revealed that she had snuck into the mayor's house the preceding evening.

The next day they returned to Pegasus Bark to a buzz of questions about the Kobold threat. Syn attempted to awe them with an epic ballad of "The Battle of the Bees", but nobody quite bought that he had fought off a hundred kobolds single-handily. Realizing that the mayor, if anyone, would know what the dragon threat was about, our party headed to "The Golden Goat", a slightly run-down pub that nonetheless had been commandeered by the city council as a base of operations.

There were four members of the council: Johnathan, Andrew, Percival, Kirkland, and Annabelle.  Directing them was Mayor the Mayor. Each member of the party spoke to a different council member, Sheol even attempted to blackmail the mayor, but other than some generic info about dragons no one knew anything.

One interesting piece of information did arise. The house of Gregory the Spice merchant had been ransacked. His house had been nowhere near the fires or looting, so this was considered extremely odd. Gwen posited that the fire may have been a distraction.

With nothing more than a theory and some luck, our band of adventurers made their way out into the morning air, destination firm in their minds.



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