Home is Where the Heart Is

Session 2

Burnin' Down the House(s)

Our heroes looked out at the dragon as it flew off into the East, leaving behind a lake of dragon fire.

Suddenly a group of enforcers marched up and demanded that Edmund fulfill his guardly duty and aid them in maintaining law and order. Reluctantly, Edmund left Sheol with Gwen, Syn, and Indra, hoping that they would keep an eye on his charge.

Sheol ditched them within five minutes.

Not setting appropriate, but such a badass picture

"Sneaky Tiefling": It's a stereotype for a reason

Filled with the love of their gods and fellow human beings, Indra and Gwen immediately ran into the burning buildings to rescue as many innocent civilians as they could. Although successful at first, Indra quickly succumbed to smoke inhalation and had to be escorted to the temple by Gwen for healing.

Syn meanwhile, being filled with the love of… other things I suppose, had already made his way to the temple and was playing his latest hit "I Lost My Nessie" for any victim who retained arms to pull up a seat or ears with which to listen. Upon seeing his friends, he lent his bardic talents to aiding them in healing the villagers.

Across the village, Sheol attempting to take advantage of the information she had gained about the mayor (that he was sleeping with a concubine) in order to blackmail him. After rescuing a houseful of cats from a fire (long story), she used her excellent disguise skills to make herself and her several dozen cats appear as a half-Orc deliverywoman and a package. The servant allowed her into the mayor's house, but her attempts to sneak around were thwarted, quite possibly because of the several dozen felines she insisted on carting around with her. A house servant notified her that the mayor was downtown, coordinating the relief efforts.

Making her way downtown, Sheol stumbled upon Indra and Gwen working a bucket brigade, and Syn using his amazing skills to convince people he was helping with the bucket brigade. They had been put to work by the temple when it became clear that more firefighters were needed.

As the flames died down from their efforts, they looked for, but were unable to locate, the mayor. However, they did overhear rumours of a band of Kobolds making their way towards the city. The captain of the guard asked the group if they would help

How come their armor is so much nicer?

"Seriously, so much other stuff on our plate right now"

At first they hesitated, it had been a long night and they were all badly in need of rest, but then the guard revealed which direction the Kobolds were approaching from. Realizing this put her sister, and Gwen's cousin, directly in their path, Indra immediately volunteered. Gwen, Sheol, and presumably Sheol's several dozen cats, quickly followed.  Syn had the wisdom to ask about weapons and armor, to which the captain agreed.

And so our heroes stood amid the ashes of burned buildings, preparing to arm themselves with whatever weapons they could find against the monsters racing towards their loved ones in the dead of night.



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